Monday, November 9, 2009

Cindy Morgan

Another design for "Beautiful Bird"

Cindy Morgan

Cindy Morgan shirt design for her CD "Beautiful Bird"

John Ragsdale - The Sound

I adapted this design from hand drawn artwork.

Arch Nemesiz

A custom ordered Christmas gift.

Kimber Rising

I printed these for the band Kimber Rising.

Hearts of Saints - portrait t

I designed this shirt based on their cd imaging and artwork.

Hearts of Saints- yellow girly t

This design was printed on a soft style "girly" tshirt.

Hearts of Saints - red girly t

This design was printed on a soft style "girly" t-shirt.

Word of Faith Outreach Center

I designed these for a church in Texas.

Printed these to help launch


Jersey I made for a neighboorhood football league.

Pocket Full of Rocks- Logo T

My stylistic interpretation of the logo.

Pocket Full of Rocks - Ape T

Ape Design... just because. It's been a big seller this year!

Pocket Full of Rocks - Alive

New Fall/Winter design for the single, "Alive"

John Waller

A few pieces I printed for John Waller.


Hearts Of Saints

New designs for the band Hearts of Saints.